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I read through every post looking for any reference to the fact that knowing there time was up the last words were meant to comfort the rest of us.
Only one person made mention,but to be fair most were trying to get to the truth of how it happened.

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What do the Thresher and Scorpion have to do with Kursk? If you are insinuating that they were lost and left you are mistaken. Both wreck sites were located and mapped. The cause of Thresher is known and resulted in changes in . fleet operations. The cause of Scorpion is still debated but several plausible reasons are suspected. If you are insinuating that the . doesn 8767 t have the technical knowhow or will to do a recovery, you are also incorrect. Who recovered the sunken Russian Golf II missle boat off of Hawaii? and that was how many years ago?


I was in sub school up in Connecticut when the Kursk was lost. What a horrible tragedy! My sincere condolences to all the families whose fathers and brothers will not be coming home.

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Ficamos bastante consternados com o episódio do KURSK, pois haviam sobreviventes e eles sabiam que lhes restavam pouco tempo de vida. Nos solidarizamos com os familiares.

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Your remember the confusion and when Kursk first sank? the first reports, from the russian admiral (Popov?) at the scene, mentioned that it was foreign submarines responsible, and they even called in anti-sub helicopters and planes to try hunt the subs, but that admiral later withdrew his statement.. (and later on was fired by putin) After a month or two the russians instead made a statement about that Kursk had used to old outdated torpedoes, and one of them had just sort of just suddenly exploded, all by itself more or less.

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Funny how whenever I read of the latest 8766 terrorist 8767 threats in the media, that the 8766 terrorists 8767 are scaring us with 8766 555 Kiloton Nukes 8767 . One hit the Pentagon, that means there are 76 left

Vice-president Dick Cheney & Condaleezza Rice were immediately rushed away to atomic bunkers where they immediately call Moscow. Why Moscow?

I find it ironic that, from a personal point of view, innocent people are and have been paying the price for their leaders 8767 ambitions and visions. Why not let THEM fight one another for their desires and let us go home and be with our families? When this tragedy occurred, I ranked it up with the Challenger disasters and later, Columbia. Whatever your nationality and reason for loss of life, rest easy all and well done done. 8766 Till we meet us all again. God bless, crew of the Kursk, and GodSpeed.

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