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Simple bet

Natasha and Clint left the training center hand in hand, laughing despite their fresh bruises. Tony stormed out $555 poorer, and Steve and Thor exchanged high-fives, elated by their own victory. Bruce chuckled and muttered something about the poor decision of betting against the Black Widow. Clint was still awfully proud of himself, because he knew tonight he’d still be pinning Natasha down in one way or another.

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89 Well, look at the pack of wolves. Didn t your parents feed you? you look like you haven t eaten for days. 89 he snapped. 89 Shut the fuck up , we are busy eating and don t like disturbance when we are eating 89 xiumin growled. 

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When application is run a new race is started immediately. A command prompt is exposed to allow you to enter bet and at the end race result.

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89 Of course she isn t! why would she be. She doesn t even have aeygo with that stone face of hers! 89 Baekhyun stated. 89 But she is kind of pretty! 89 chanyeol said but before he could continue they were interrupted by a voice. 89 Baekhyun Oppa.. 89 the voice beamed happily.

Hello! I am Ji Hyun with my first fanfic! I d be the only person writing this fanfic and I hope you enjoy ^^ I m not good at writing and this is my first fanfic! I hope you enjoy and yes, English is not my first language so please mind my grammer and spelling mistakes! Sorry if I have typos and all ^^ 

All at once, everyone’s jaw hit the ground, save for Natasha, who was smirking as she held Clint’s arrow in her hand. Clint was too surprised to react when she pinned him to the ground and held her knife to his neck. “I win.”

Baek Sumin- The stone-faced princess of SMA {SM Academy}. She has the beauty , the brains. Everyone knew who she was, but no one dared to talk to her. Because she always had her poker face on. Even if she ever tried to talk to anyone, no one wanted to be friends with her. Maybe it was because she was bad at talking to new people and always had a straight face. And for once, she was happy that the school s most popular playboy took the initiative to talk to her. 

Byun Baekhyun- The school s kingka and play boy. He is the type of guy who could woo any girl with his eye smile. Thats what he thought. Baekhyun could be friends with anyone he wanted, because everyone was trying to get on his good side. He had the entire school wrapped around his little finger, but then he got a challenge from his rival to woo the school s stone princess. Baekhyun had confidence and took up to the bet. But it was nothi ng he  expected.

Baekhyun didn t feel like eating even though the other members dug hungrily at their lunch boxes made by the fangirls. 89 Baekhyun hyung, are you not gonna eat? 89 sehun asked as he stared at baekhyun s lunch box.

89 Yo! Baekhyun! Chanyeol! 89 a certain voice called out. They looked to where the voice came and they saw the rest of the exo members sitting there. Soo jin let go of baekhyun s hands as baekhyun pulled out a chair and sat down alongside of chanyeol.

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